UCAT Legislation

2012 Utah Legislature General Session

For a summary of legislative bills with relevance to UCAT considered in the 2012 legislative session click here.

Current UCAT Statute

Current statute governing the Utah College of Applied Technology is provided in Utah Code, Title 53B, chapter 2a, “Utah College of Applied Technology”.  Go to UCA 53B-2a for the full statute.

Original UCAT Legislation

Summaries of the original UCAT legislation and ensuing amendments are provided below, with the most recent at the top. Click on a bill in the index to jump to a bill summary and a link to the bill, or browse through the bill summaries.

2012 General Session - House Bill 514, "Public and Higher Education Technology Amendments"

Directed the State Board of Education, Salt Lake Community College, and UCAT to provide for an educational program on the use of information technology, and specified components of the program.

2012 General Session - Senate Bill 39, "Gubernatorial Authority Over Higher Education Officials"

Required the State Board of Regents and the UCAT Board of Trustees to receive approval from the governor and obtain consent of the Senate when hiring (respectively) a commissioner of higher education and a president of UCAT. Permitted the governor, after consultation with the State Board of Regents and the UCAT Board of Trustees, to terminate (respectively) a commissioner of higher education and a president of UCAT.

2009 General Session - House Bill 15, "Career and Technical Education Amendments"

– Modified terminology, definitions, and other provisions.

– Modified governance structure for post-secondary career and technical education.

– Modified membership of State Board of Education and State Board of Regents.

– Modified membership, appointment procedures, and duties of UCAT Board of Trustees.

– Transferred Salt Lake/Tooele ATC to Salt Lake Community College School of Applied Technology and Tooele ATC.

– Modified career and technical education reporting provisions.

– Prohibited State Board of Regents from study or action relating to merging UCAT institutions with other higher education institutions.

– Prohibited UCAT from study or action related to offering a degree or awarding credit.

– Required CTE appropriations at the state’s three two-year colleges to be made as separate line items.

2007 General Session - House Bill 371, "Applied Technology Education Amendments"

– Required parental consent for minor students in clinical segments of health care programs.

– Transferred Southeast ATC to College of Eastern Utah and created CEU advisory committee.

– Provided tuition uniformity for duplicate programs.

– Modified applied technology education reporting provisions.

2005 General Session - House Bill 86, "Utah College of Applied Technology Amendments"

– Allowed UCAT to fulfill high school graduation requirements, subject to State Board of Education.

– Repealed authority for UCAT to offer a high school diploma.

– Established UCAT as a body politic and corporate.

– Required the UCAT president and board of trustees to maintain a central administration office.

– Modified the campus president appointment process.

– Authorized campuses to enter lease-purchase agreements, subject to certain approvals.

2003 General Session - House Bill 161, "Snow College Richfield Campus"

– Transferred Central ATC to Snow College.

– Created advisory committee at Snow College Richfield Campus.

2003 General Session - House Bill 232, "Utah College of Applied Technology Amendments"

– Changed terminology of UCAT’s campuses, campus presidents, and campus boards of directors.

– Amended definitions for applied technology education, college campus, competency-based, and open-entry open-exit.

– Specified approval and policy oversight for certain campus activities.

– Amended provisions for selection and supervision of UCAT president and campus presidents.

– Amended provisions for associate of applied technology degrees.

– Allowed market cost tuition for adult students.

– Authorized certain types of UCAT campus leases.

2001 First Special Session - House Bill 1003, "Applied Technology Education Governance"

– Created a new applied technology education governance structure for Utah.

– Created the Utah College of Applied Technology and regional applied technology colleges.

– Defined governing authority of the State Board of Regents with respect to UCAT and the ATCs.

– Created the UCAT Board of Trustees and ATC regional boards.

– Established the offices of UCAT president and regional ATC presidents.