Utah’s Employer Resource

If you’re an employer in Utah, you want to hire and develop a world-class, competitive workforce that gives you results.   We are business & industry’s choice for a skilled workforce. Our core focus, taken right from our mission statement, is to meet the needs of Utah’s employers for technically skilled workers by providing market-driven technical education. We aim to be a world-class provider of technically skilled workers needed for the 21st century workforce. Make a choice for your company’s future today. Contact your regional Technical College today and find out how:

  • Customized training can be arranged on- or off-site for your company’s needs
  • Custom Fit , a Utah investment in your workforce, can assist with your training costs.
  • Hiring skilled employees from our college programs will give you trained and ready workers.
  • Upgrading employee skills can improve your competitiveness with easily-accessible
  • Employer committees give you a chance to shape programs for the future workforce.
  • Internships and apprenticeships let you try out potential workers while giving them
    practical experience.
  • Donations or sharing of expertise, equipment, facilities or funding let you improve
    workforce programs and leave a lasting legacy.

What is custom fit? And how can it help your company?

Custom Fit is a dynamic partnership between our colleges, select sister institutions across the state, and the local business community. Its mission is simply to provide customized employee training

This unique program offers you, your company, and your employees the benefit of state-of-the-art training and development, customized to meet your specific needs, and does so at a cost that you can afford. How? The Utah State Legislature appropriates funds each year as an investment in Utah’s economy through Custom Fit, which means your tax dollars are coming back to serve you! The Custom Fit program funds a large portion of the training costs.

There is a Custom Fit Training office serving every region of the state with a staff ready to meet with you to discuss your business: What’s working? What’s not? Where are your biggest frustrations? And how can Custom Fit help?

Your Custom Fit representative works with you to determine if Custom Fit is right for your business. Then the Custom Fit representative decides who the best service provider(s) will be, figures out the logistics, and establishes a Custom Fit budget. Your Custom Fit representative will calculate the cash contribution required of your company.

Over the years, Custom Fit has worked with many types and sizes of businesses from mom and pop shops to the largest employers in the state. Whether you need specific technical training, safety certifications, computer skills, leadership / management skills, or just help in how to get along with others at work, Custom Fit can provide training with industry experts to meet your needs. Custom Fit’s goal is to assist you in building and maintaining a quality workforce to meet your demands and strengthen your competitive edge.

Click here for a list of companies that have utilized Custom Fit in the State of Utah.